Our Craft

Luxury and Craftsmanship

MAJESTY embodies another level of luxury and craftsmanship. Its a brand that that cannot be matched in quality and performance. MAJESTY is for those who aspire for excellence. The pioneers. The explorers. Those who demand the absolute best.


At the heart of Japanese culture lives the harmonious balance of man and nature. A proportional relationship resulting in unparalleled beauty and design. This relationship is embodied in Tokyo – A place where modern skyscrapers are offset by exquisite gardens and historic temples. It’s a place of progressive fashion, innovative design, and rich culture. It’s a place MAJESTY calls home.

This is MAJESTY Golf – A brand which is inspired by it’s surroundings and the people who play their clubs. It's brand where Harmony is found within the balance of Luxury and Craft.

Traditions Inspire Process

While technology continues to evolve and processes streamline, there still remains those traditions that stand the test of time. As with the purification process before entering a temple, hand shaping molds from a block of wood, remains a step which is never rushed or overlooked. It’s exemplifies the purest form of craftsmanship.

Art Reflects Culture

Art is expressed in many different forms and brings forth a multitude of emotion. Art can tell a story, reflect an experience, be a symbol of pride, and offer immortality to culture. In every Majesty club exists a sense of culture unmatched in golf.

Nature Influences Beauty

The Japanese often bring nature into their daily lives; constructing gardens in confined spaces, cultivating a tree, designing architecture to blend with it’s natural surroundings, or expressing it through patterns on an object. It’s a beautiful relationship.


While driven to innovate, introducing performance game changers such as Spider Web face technology, it is the balance of luxury and craft that pulses through the veins of a MAJESTY Craftsmen. The combination of the finest materials in golf with unparalleled craftsmanship, results the most prestigious, high performing, golf clubs in the world. The process of creating our clubs are underscored by patience. The patience to listen to a golfer’s needs. The patience to test and re-test. The patience to tweak and re-tweak until the performance is reflective of excellence. The patience is supported by focus. Focus in crafting beauty - Beauty in shape and design. When all things align – The result is a MAJESTY golf club. A club in which the “Takumi”, or Master Craftsman, has struck the harmonious balance between luxury and craft.

Patience in Process

The process of creation cannot be rushed. Like an artist, a "Takumi" embraces every creation like it’s first. With focus, touch, and human emotion - a club is masterfully created, reflecting beauty in design, while underscored by the performance needs of the golfer.

A Masterpiece is Born

It’s a harmonious moment. The result of many years perfecting his craft. With the club head in hand, a MAJESTY Takumi experiences a sense of peace and joy knowing that golfers around the world will soon have their creation in play.