Innovation in Shape and Design.

The Prestigio X fairway is the result of aligning shape and design bringing forth confidence and unmatched performance.

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Innovation in Shape

The Prestigio X fairway is marked additional protrusion on the side of the club, providing greater visibility of the club head, resulting in more confidence at address. A bigger face progression than conventional models offers ball flight confidence for players of all types.

Lightweight Titanium Body & Tungsten Alloy Sole

Lightweight 8-1-1 titanium and elimination of any residual casing, resulting in lower and deeper club head structure. Sole composed of tungsten alloy with a denser weight balance for optimal overall performance.

Faster Swing Speed

The long and ultra -light shaft increases head speed and acceleration through impact. Extremely light and flexible – PYROFIL® MR70, commonly used in space engineering, offers unmatched control of long shafts, when traditionally hard to control.

Premium Headcover

Custom designed headcover featuring magnet opening and closing system.