Meet Master Craftsman, Kenzo Sugiyama.

Behind every great brand is the master craftsman.

Behind every great brand is the master craftsman. Someone who brings forth another level of standards – One who sets the bar in quality, design, and performance. For MAJESTY that person is Master Craftsman, Kenzo Sugiyama. A man of high stature, and quiet disposition, Mr. Sugiyama, has been crafting some of the worlds most sought after clubs for half a century. Inspired by the traditions of Japanese craftsmanship and driven to innovate – “Takumi” Sugiyama has a long list of “firsts” in golf ranging from Japan’s first metal wood and the world’s first carbon face iron to game changing Spider Web Face technology and the Zero Bounce Wedge.

We sat down with Master Craftsman Kenzo Sugiyama (KS) to discuss, among other things, his process and what separates MAJESTY from other manufactures.




MAJESTY: Would you please let us know about the process of creating the product?

KS: It’s been 50 years since I started making clubs. My way of thinking is to go to different regions by myself, and I listen to the different opinions of Majesty owners, as they are very important for me


MAJESTY: You have mentioned the value in listening to a golfer’s needs in shaping club design. Can you elaborate?

KS: Yes – Our customers demanded a club line that offers high ball flight, long carry distance, and stopping power. The result was the Prestigio X series.


MAJESTY: As technology continues to evolve – What remains constant in the crafting process of MAJESTY clubs?

KS: I believe that some aspects in which only maruman (MAJESTY) has been able to be successful; That is quality, and always challenge to new product development. Other companies sometimes tried to imitate us, but did not succeed. Some companies give up when they fail. However, we tried many times over even after we failed, and that is what made our company what is today.


MAJESTY – Where do you find inspiration?

KS – Actually I only think about golf clubs. When I’m playing golf or just in my spare time, I’m thinking about what next. What’s going to help golfers achieve more success.


MAJESTY: What is the most important thing when it comes to crafting golf clubs?

KS: Performance. Performance is always number 1. Of course other factors such as quality and beauty are important, but performance is always first.


MAJESTY: Thank you for your time.