Accuracy, Stability, and Feel.

Introducing the first center shafted putter in MAJESTY’s history. The new MJ 181M putter featuring a surpersized neo-mallet shape with Tungsten wings, offers a true sight line and stability at address, resulting in remarkable accuracy and feel.

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Original Center Neck with Adjustability

Shaft axis positioned at the center of the sole enhancing sight line alignment at address. An adjustable neck allows the lie angle to be optimized based on body type or stroke.

Rounded Sole + Optimized Face Design

Rounded sole reduces the effect of undulating greens. Increased thickness on either side of the face results in softer feel, making it possible to push the ball without the sharp feeling typically associated with large putters.

Composite Skeleton Body

Made out of forged soft iron - The “skeleton” body, featuring tungsten wings, increases moment of inertia and provides extra straightness when putting.

Heavier head and Thicker Grip

Heavier head and thicker grip increases the feeling of unity between the hands and grip in order to naturally achieve straighter shots. Original pistol grip designed for optimal fit. Carbon fiber shaft enhances the ability to control the stroke tempo.